Digital Content and commercials made specifically for the web require a different approach to traditional TV advertising.

With digital content we see targeted brand strategy that leverages the powerful communication capabilities of social media by appealing to the emotions that cause viewers to share. In London digital content companies are becoming more and more abundant since the demand for online marketing is booming. Here at Beast Video Content we know how to make cutting edge digital content and support it with a feed of hub & hygiene work, which is crucial to the overall content campaign. Whilst the hero film helps to create awareness and inspire a call to action from new audiences the hub & hygiene helps to engage and educate. Our digital content agency is specialized in designing online campaigns that target your audience and encompass all areas of the video content platform. We know how important it is to measure engagement and as such we plan our marketing and seeding campaign in parallel with the creative strategy. We do this from the initial kick off meeting, before the first ideas are even conceived. So if you need a London digital content agency or are even just thinking about making a video and need some advice then pop in to our office, we’ll be happy to put the kettle on and have a chat.

Digital Content Strategy

Digital Content Strategy is all about planning the creation, promotion, and measurement of content. This content attracts visitors to your website. Thus creating meaningful interactions between the brand and the consumer. Really, strategy is just a fancy word for plan. So a content strategy is a plan for digital content marketing. It’s the plan for attracting new audiences and inspiring them to take action. It’s usually done once in the beginning, then referred to weekly or monthly, and revised yearly. It includes these things:

Audience | Mission | Topics | Keywords | Influencers | Social and email promotion | A plan | Measurement and ongoing optimization

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