Xcel Devoted


We travelled to Cornwall to meet Christian Parry, a Geotechnical Project Engineer and sworn cold water surfer. We spent a few days with Christian getting up at 5.30am so he could catch a surf before he started work at 8am. During the day he travelled the length and breadth of Cornwall managing construction sites, finishing most days back at the beach until sun down. Christian’s love of surfing was infectious. He owned four wetsuits, a couple were pretty battered, one was over 13 years old! And all were Xcel. When we asked why he only had Xcel suits he simply replied. “because they are the best”.

The idea with this content spot is to highlight one man’s story, by showing the daily journey he makes while proving his dedication to the surf. It was important for us to use a local surfer, not a champion. An everyday guy, 6ft tall, weighing 15 stone, but riding a 5’10 long piece of fibre glass – this gave us the diversity we were looking for. We wanted to highlight the dedication and reverence that regular surfers exhibit in this sport. They are loyal to the sea as much as they are loyal to the equipment that gets them out there.