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Simon Mannion – Creative Director, Iris London

Video Production Company In London, UK

Hello! We are Beast, a London video production company and we specialize in amazing yet affordable video productions for lifestyle brands in the UK. Our video production company London is structured so as to provide creative support and development as well as full service video productions. This allows us to provide fast and cost efficient UK video productions for online delivery.

Creative Development

We are happy to help develop your ideas with you.  We can work from a single idea or fully developed brief.

Production Company In London, UK

Our crews are usually made up of around 8 or so key roles
Creative Director, Producer, Director, Cameraman, Sound, Focus Puller, Gaffer, Hair& Make-Up

Post Production

We have our own studio and offer 3 rounds of revisions on offline edits. We also have online post-production services.

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Ready to grow your business? Video can help you reach a whole new audience.

 At Beast production company UK we take the time to evaluate and understand each client’s goals and objectives. This is how we can help you to choose the video content production that is right for your brand. Being a UK video production company that can also provide creative development, allows us to approach any video content campaign in the most targeted, creative and cost efficient way. 

How can we help you?

Beast video production company London helps brands tell their stories with digital content that engages, educates and activates audiences. Online videos speak to the customer more powerfully when they tell a story. Being able to connect with your customer on an emotional level, creating engaging content that ultimately entertains, is key to earning your customers trust and attention.

We are very proud to have worked with some amazing brands from all over the world.

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Are you looking for a creative content agency and Video  production company in London?

There are an incredible number of production companies in London to choose from. So where do you start? One way is to choose the London production company that has already made the same style of video that you would like to make. That way you can say, “We want something like that…how much will it cost?” The production company can then give you a really accurate quote for the cost of such a video and by using the same directing and creative team you can be sure that you will get the same quality of video from your production company.

What about choosing a  production company in London, UK?

Of course whilst London is the hub for video production in the UK, there are production companies and creative agencies in all of the major cities including, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton and more. So if you are trying to choose a UK production company, you will have even more choice!

It’s possible that costs could be less if you hire a UK production company from outside of the capitol, as basic overheads may be lower. But ultimately the cost saving of a few hundred pounds compared to the ROI that a really top level London production company and director can offer is not even worth considering. When you choose your UK video production company, just follow one simple rule – ask for a meeting. Great video production is all about the people on the team;  if you have a great team, then you will get a great video.

Buzz Videos

By taking your big idea and spreading it in many, smaller ways with so called “Buzz Videos” you envelop your audience with the concept. It feels like you’re “everywhere” and creates an attention multiplier effect.

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See the team at work

Beast video production Company London is specialized in digital content production for lifestyle brands. We can provide a spectrum of services and a full package of digital content production including hero, hub and hygiene videos. We also provide stills photography, including editorial & product photography and specific delivery for social including; Gifs, Cimemagraphs & Boomerangs.

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Content Strategy

The need for small businesses and big brands alike to create their own video content is paramount, but creating a single piece of ‘hero’ content is no longer enough. We help brands plan their video content campaign.


Social audiences are hungry for video content, which pushes creators and publishers to deliver content that fits the demands and consumption habits of their audiences on different social channels.


At Beast Video Productions London, we’re happy to have won
a few awards along the way.

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Different to many other video production companies in London

Creative development

If you have ever searched for ‘production companies list’ or ‘list of UK production companies’, you will know that the list is extremely long. It would take days to fully research all the companies listed on websites like The knowledge or KFTV. At Beast production company UK we offer something a little different to many other production companies in London. We are creative minded first and foremost and this is what makes us unlike most of the production companies that you can find on the UK production companies list. We put the idea first and then put on our production caps and work out how we can make things fit.

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Guide to your video content campaign.

Your video content campaign can be divided into three categories and in order to be effective you may want to consider targeting all three areas and create an ongoing campaign.  With our UK production company we can supply the teams needed for all facets of your content campaign including regular half day one man shoots for ongoing hygiene content. Think of your website as a TV channel and you are the commissioning editor. You have to keep a constant supply of new content in order to keep your customers loyal to your brand.


Hero content is something that’s done on average 1-2 times a year. It should  entertain the audience with emotional storytelling.


Regularly scheduled ‘push’ content, designed for your main consumer who is already loyal to your brand.

Digital content agency London

Always on ‘pull’ content designed for your core consumer who wants to know about every detail or your brand and product. 

How will you stand out?

300 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

The Process

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Sharing our thoughts and giving you a look behind the scenes.

  • Jorg Riommi Chief Creative Officer

    “Beast Video Production Company London are a great team that really do go the extra mile every time. If you are looking for a creative video content company then stop right here.”

    Jorg Riommi Chief Creative Officer
  • Jeremy St. John  CEO
    Max Media

    “We love the approachable format, and the fact that Beast video production company London chose to feature customers that users can really relate to. When you click into any story, you can read the whole video content case study in a Q&A format.”

    Jeremy St. John CEO
  • Paul Doran Founder
    Switch Communications

    “Fast, Flexible and Flipping lovely to boot. If you need video you need a professional video production company that can guarantee a return on your investment. Beast London are certainly one such video content company.”

    Paul Doran Founder

At Beast there are no Account Handlers or PA firewalls.
When you contact Beast you’ll get straight through to Victoria – Creative Director.