Corporate Video

The once mundane corporate video is now becoming a creative force.

Video marketing for small businesses is becoming the mainstay. At Beast we know that corporate video and the B2B video  can be interesting and creative so long as there is the right balance between information and story. Our technique is to tackle each brief with a documentary approach. As such we use interview as a tool and principle technique for getting to the heart of the matter. Finding the truths and the nuances, which make any story unique. As soon as you open up and make things personal it allows the viewer to connect and respond to you and your brand.

Beast recently won in the B2B video category at the 2017 London Brand Film Festival with our video for Cambridge Audio, “British Sound”. The video tells the story from the beginning of the company’s creation back in the early sixties through the decades and right up to modern day at the company offices in London Bridge. We found that by having a mix between historical scenes together with our actor telling the story of Cambridge Audio in his home environment gave a truthful and insightful look into the brand’s story and this resulted in a creative and award winning corporate video.

There’s always a story to tell, you just have to look for it. Brands and businesses are beginning to have a lot of fun with their corporate video. We at Beast video content are becoming increasingly contacted by brands that want an “In house video” to share just with their work force in order to inspire them and help them to feel part of the brand as much as possible. This would be the business to business video, which is more commonly known as B2B video. Here you have a special approach because you are communicating with people who are already very familiar and often very attached to your brand. So it is really important to make sure that you present them as well as the brand in just the right way. We want to be aspirational but we also want to be truthful and realistic in our approach and in the way we portray the brands we work for. It’s becoming increasingly important for companies that their employees understand the brand story and ethos. This way they can relay a clearer message in their work and to the customers.

At Beast we know these London corporate videos, even the creative corporate  videos London often require a fast turn around, and sometimes-tight budgets. We can help you to work out the right creative angle in order to meet your ambitions and your budget. And again, to us corporate video doesn’t mean low quality boring videos with someone sitting in a swivel chair. When you use our video content company  you can be sure that we always employ our story telling and film making rules to every piece of video content we shoot to make sure it is visually impactful and tells and clear and meaningful story.

So if budget for corporate videos are  restricted, then finding a reliable and budget-friendly video production company London is essential. We often say that the best way to get to the right budget is for the brand to decided what their budget is and then allow companies like ours to present creative solutions and production plans that fit the budget. Creatively speaking there is always more than one way to skin a cat, and that is often the challenge, which drives our creativity. So if you want the best corporate video for your website, but are not sure where to begin. Give us a call, and after a short chat and a follow up interview we will be able to propose several options to fit which ever budget you have in mind. See our blog for tips on hiring a London production company  and also how to make a creative corporate video. And take a look at one of our behind the scenes videos where you can see the team in action.