Lifestyle Video

Lifestyle video is all about…feeling.

When making our lifestyle videos, we ask H”ow can you create interesting and aspirational story that still feels true and honest?”. For great lifestyle content video you need great casting. That means photogenic and very natural acting and performance. You need interesting locations that allow for beautifully composed shots and also natural lighting wherever possible. The TV commercial way was always to over complicate with too much light and unnaturally perfect settings. But with the incredible advances in the ISO available on the digital format cameras, it means we can often use practical lighting. This is of course is a cost effective solution but it also lends itself to natural and realistic photography.

A great lifestyle video encompasses the elements of the Background Video and the Promotional Video. Depending on the story you want to tell, the tone is key. Even if you want to shoot in 20 different locations its important all those pieces of video have the same shooting style and tone, so when they are edited together we know they are all part of the same story.