Interview Video

When making an interview video there are many things to consider…

Interview video is reliant on one key factor. Clear sound of course. but there are many other additional factors that also should be taken into consideration if you want to make a creative interview video. Location, sound quality, make-up, wardrobe, lighting and of course the script. But the most important aspect is your subject. It can often be the case that the person you are interviewing will not be comfortable in front of the camera and may be doing this for the first time.

At Beast video content production when a subject comes in, we make him feel comfortable – simply sharing tea and biscuits then beginning with  a conversation really helps to calm the nerves – after all, for many people speaking in front of an audience and in front of the camera can be a very stressful proposition. When making and interview video it’s really important to take the time to get to know your subject on a personal level, find out a little bit about them. Allow them the time to open up to you on a personal level before they have to do it in front of camera and on the hot spot.

So what do you do if this doesn’t work? Well then there are a few techniques that often help. But the one we find works the best and is always a failsafe is to ‘Turn the tables’. Allow him to interview you. You may even put yourself in front of the camera and allow him to watch and interview your. Whilst this may sound extreme, taking the time to do this exercise can often be the best trick to empower your subject and really break through the mental barriers. Then another 15 minuets later you will have a fantastic interview and be back on or ahead of schedule.