Luxury Travel Video

The luxury travel video is one of our favorite subjects for video content

Travel video has come along way from the old P&O ferry adverts and their summer price deals. These days we have anything from fantastic luxury travel video to Arctic Tundra Adventures. Today travel video’s encompass a whole lifestyle choice that reflects every part of our personality. Under the travel umbrella are a sea of new breed companies such as Airbnb, which  have opened up travel to a whole new customer base and a new way of thinking. Travel crazes such as couchsurfing, and glamping are opening doors and new travel possibilities to all of us.

Travel is no longer the 1 week a year, throw all your eggs in one basket experience it used to be. Travel is part of our business lives, our social lives, and our personal lives. Of course not just ‘travel’ brands are responding to the rising wave of millennial travelers. Brands are jumping on the band wagon too. Motivation, attitudes and experiences are all key factors that brands must consider when thinking about their video content. These factors merge seamlessly with our lifestyle choices. I shop in habitat, and keep my eye on what’s happening in home décor this month because I travel to LA at least twice a year and love to stay in a contemporary mid century home in Echo Park. In fact Audi recently teamed with Airbnb to create some fantastic video content that we recently blogged about. This is a great example of how brands are interacting and taking advantage of customer travel choices. Link blog article here:

At Beast we LOVE to travel……anywhere! And We love to shoot luxury travel videos and tourism videos in the farthest corners of the globe. We have equipment that we can take into the desert or outer space so we can travel light and get the shots we need to, in order to bring the story to life. We also have directors based in different countries. Los Angeles, France, Holland and the UK are our main ports. We see this as a huge bonus as to what we can offer a client. If you are looking for a spectacular, warm, location we can take you directly to LA where we are ready to shoot, with local knowledge of locations and production. And for those hard to reach places at the ends of the earth we have directors that specialize in exactly this type of filming, able to get into the water and up in the sky.