How can you choose the London creative video agency that is right for you?

Whether you come from the advertising agency and a long established career in video production services, or if you are a small business looking to take the first step into online video content it is important to choose the right London creative video agency for you. It is also important to recognize that for any journey into video content, that it needs to be thought of as a campaign and not just a one off video and as such you need to be looking for a creative video agency that can become a partner. This means that a relationship has to be established and this all comes down to like minds which are capable of communicating ideas and wishes with a common work ethic. At Beast London we pride ourselves on being professional and friendly. We know that these two ingredients are crucial for a long term relationship. We also believe that our work speaks for itself and that the standard of a London creative video agency can only be measured through experience and through the creation of consistently high quality work over many years. So just scroll down and meet the team and find out who we are.

Introducing our team
“Our hard working team will create beautiful and engaging stories”

“Becoming a successful London creative video agency is all about creating content in a  language that your customers will relate to. Create conversation and tell your story in a meaningful way.”

Our Creative Director

The Beast team set up is all about having the right balance of creative minds, problem solving minds and marketing minds. The combination of a great idea with a clear understanding and response to the brand objectives is essential.

At Beast we are very lucky to have at our helm as Creative Director, Victoria Taylor. Victoria began her career working for UK production company, The Fink Tank, she then moved over to M&C Saatchi where she was right hand to the Executive Creative Director, Graham Fink for several years. She created her own high-end fashion label, Hinks Taylor and was also features editor at Tinsel Tokyo fashion magazine in LA. Ironically it was in LA that she first started to produce UK video content and this led her to move back to London to open Beast creative video production agency.

“A creative video production agency requires a different approach for online distribution rather than TV advertising commercials. TV ads are all about high concepts and big budgets designed to capture the attention of people who do not necessarily know about that brand. Video content is different, most of the time. It’s about connecting with your viewer on an emotional level, engaging them in conversation and ultimately to ‘share’. Without the constraints of a 15-60 seconds TV commercial, online video content has the opportunity to connect with the viewer in a different way. It’s not about showing the product, or trying to sell the brand, it’s about showing your brand’s personality. Unlike TV, if people are watching a video by you it’s because they are already interested in your brand. Creative video production agencies have the opportunities with online video content to take the consumer and the relationship they have with your brand to the next level. Viewers are looking to be informed, to be entertained and to solidify that connection with the brand, thus earning that all-important loyalty. After all, we are friends now.”

Victoria Taylor, Creative Director, Beast Video Content.

Welcome to professional and
heartfelt storytelling.

So many London creative video agencies to choose from

At Beast we embrace all of our video productions as a creative collective and select the right team for any given job. At the top of the tree sits our very talented yet modest Creative Director – Victoria Taylor. If you’ve ever made a TV commercial you’ll know that Directors need to be kept on a short leash and that the creative mind doesn’t always follow a straight path. That’s really where the difference lies. With creative video production agencies, whether it is a direct to client job or agency commission the budgets and the turn around of work are such that there may not always be a client presence at the shoot. So this is where having an agency educated leader within our team and checking all the details is absolutely key to guaranteeing that the concept and the brand values and marketing strategies are correctly observed and followed.

Another difference between a large UK production company and a creative video production agency is that creative video production agencies, well ours at least, selects its directors not to be different from each other but precisely the opposite. All of our directors have been selected because they all share the same tastes and values. And whilst each one is unique and special, they all fit the Beast profile. This means that what you get is a Beast vision and Beast guarantee of quality on every project.

Being a creative video agency means we have to keep things lean and mean. That means that our core team has to be able to wear several hats and also work with each other seamlessly and with excellent communication. Our video productions can often consist of crews from as little as 5-6 people. This approach really only works if you have the right people for each role and they are all well rehearsed and used to working with each other regularly. Beast is very much a family business; all of the team share friendships beyond the office and this really helps to make our productions fun and efficient.

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