Tom Shepherd

Tom Shepherd Writer / Director / Animator

Tom lives on the Hagerstown riviera. Aside from running his own ‘creative meet up’ for fellow East London creative types on a tuesday, he also runs Marathons, and cooks a mean chicken curry….from scratch! He loves to make films. When he is not making films that people ask him to, you will find him making films about other things, his surroundings, inspirational people, and stories he wants to tell. A Central St Martins graduate he has forged a highly successful career building digital and design stories for countless brands. This has most recently led him to working on more specialised video content for Brands such as VW, Apple, Adidas, Lloyds, Coca Cola..Etc. When he’s not hanging out with world class advertising creatives, you may find him polishing up on his amateur stand up comedy set.

He also prefers the right side of his face.