Sebastian Artz

Sebastian Artz Director / Photographer

Sebastian Artz is a director and award-winning photographer best known for his portraits of Hollywood celebrities from Kevin Bacon to Sasha Grey, rockstars like the Beastie Boys, and his powerful yet relatable lifestyle imagery in advertising. Sebastian’s visual arts have always included professional photography, video art, and passion projects, naturally leading him to directing TV spots for companies such as Memoto and Burt’s Bees.

Strong trends in his work include the dynamic combination of moving images and still photographs, his choice of expressive, natural talent, and the energetic flow of his films. Born in Romania and raised in Germany, Artz started his career shortly after a college exchange with UCLA’s film school brought him to Los Angeles. Back in LA a few years later, his first encounter with TV advertising was his job as Marcus Nispel’s assistant. The rest is history.