Tony French

Tony French Post Production Producer

Our residual Manchunian turns on the magic when it comes to editing. He is also a brilliant writer and story teller. After moving to London to follow his passion for all things creative, he trained up as a broadcast engineer. This opened the door to offline editing, where he began to work for some rather well known clients such as Virgin, Polydor and British Airways. His love for sofa surfing took him around the world, with an extended pit stop in Dubai where he set up the in house post production suite for Leo Burnett. When he wasn’t taking in the sun on a sandy man made giant palm tree beach, he was in a dark room cutting TV commercials for the likes of General Motors, Mcdonalds, Coco Cola, and Nike. He then spent two years in Los Angeles studying screen writing with the WGA and Corey Mandell. He is currently writing his 4th feature length screenplay, and in pre-production for a new short which will also be his directorial debut. When he does come up for air you might find him down the pub appreciating a local craft beer, where I highly recommend you ask him about the time he went on the Definitely Maybe tour with Oasis. Oh yeah and their logo….that was him too!