Digital Marketing London

“Engage and inspire your customers”

Thanks to the rise in always-on, superfast broadband, not to mention the increasing affordability of high-tech, internet-ready gadgets, the way your customers engage with your brand is changing. Digital isn’t just the future, it is now and this platform is developing at an incredible rate. Digital in 2017 is set to break all boundaries and a veritable sea-change, with marketing budgets moving from TV and other traditional ares of marketing to video and digital marketing. Fail to change with them, and it may not to be too long before they take their loyalty and their business elsewhere. As the web continues to evolve, so too does the way your brand needs to communicate with your customers. B2B (Business to Business) is another important sector that we can see re-evaluating the importance of video and digital as a way of presenting tangible ROI as well as informing and inspiring the workforce. Which is why, when picking a digital marketing agency, you need a team that is both innovative and experienced. At Beast, we’re passionate about staying one step ahead of emerging online technologies and putting them to work in empowering your business to connect with online audiences with the most effective digital marketing possible.

Create a lasting impression with your digital marketing

We breath new life into your digital marketing campaigns by bringing together the top talents in the field together with our boundless creativity and our insight into what really grabs the attention of web users. Research proves that users are more likely to recall information they’ve seen in a video than with any other kind of content, with a recent report from the Online Publishers Association stating that 80% of survey participants could “Recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days.” More importantly for brands, 46% of those took some form of action as a result of watching that video, which is why our London digital content agency places high quality, high performance video content at the heart of all our marketing campaigns. So, if you’re fed up of slow, lifeless marketing videos that fail to inspire your audiences, and are ready to motivate them into action, come and talk to Beast.