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Specialists in producing visually stunning and highly creative video content, our creative content agency London, UK can empower your business to reach new audiences. Web advertising and creative video content is designed to engage website viewers, and compel them to take action. Breaking new ground in the way customers engage with your brand, our video production team work with award winning editors, graphic designers and other creative talents to help you make a big impression in the exciting world of online advertising, where the only real limit is your imagination. To help you bring those big ideas to life, we combine the technology and production values of a top London creative content agency with a passion for providing innovative and unique production company solutions that enable you to really make the most of your advertising budget. Yet where we really stand out from any other London creative content agency  is our experience in creating television broadcast quality video advertising with an online video budget. We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands from around the world. In doing so, we’ve perfected our approach in creating the kind of creative content that online audiences love to engage with.

It’s this engagement factor that really makes your online digital advertising campaign a success. With social media, your existing audience wields the power to spread your message much further than you could alone. It means taking the knowledge that your viewers are far more likely to share your online video content with their friends if it’s creative content made by a top creative content agency London, UK. We always search for a campaign solution that can give the client something they can connect to their audience with on an emotional level. By using just the right blend of imagination, production value and advertising know-how, we can make compelling video marketing campaigns your audiences will want to share. Beast was set up by Creative Director, Victoria Taylor  along with film director Lawrence Jacomelli. There are two resident producers and a select roster of talented writer, directors and photographers. To see how we tick, we invite you to meet the team.

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Creative Collaboration

As we have already mentioned, at Beast Video Content we typically receive projects from two areas of business. The first sector would be the; advertising agency, PR company and Digital Marketing Agency and the second is direct to client. We are set-up to facilitate both avenues. We are a video production company but we have a strong creative arm to our team with our creative director, Victoria Taylor at the helm and all of our directors selected not only for their directorial skill but for their ability to write and produce incredibly high level creative online content with the budgets available for  web video. We would also point out that the difference between the two streams of work are becoming less and less. Since agencies are often looking to collaborate creatively in order to streamline production costs and make the very most out of the original creative concept, working with Beast is a great solution. When it comes to private businesses there will always be a marketing plan in place. The brand image and product branding is already well established so for us it is then clear what the logical steps could be when proposing a video content strategy. If the website is already slick and branded then the video content will be crafted to enhance the established tone and website branding. If the website is old and clunky and not as well thought out as the rest of the product branding then we can help with this part too. Website building and website re-branding often goes hand in hand with your initial video content campaign so we have within our team, designers and content writers to facilitate this too.