Eddie Lofthouse Interview


Harbour had only asked us for one film. But with so much brilliant story to tell, we couldn’t help but use extra footage we shot to give them a Hub film and deliver more of their story. Eddie, the founder, is completely passionate about his beer, and clearly as passionate about his surroundings. The first morning we arrived on location at Harbour he took us straight to the natural spring a couple of fields away to show us where the water for the beer comes from as well as showing us the breath taking view. After wading through the stream, and tasting the water, it was time to sample some beer. We sampled IPA’s, to Chocolate Stouts, and some new brew’s not on the market yet! What we found so exciting about their process was that it was authentic and personal. Their inspiration really does come from what’s around them; people, smells, a sunset, something they ate the evening before. They are inspired by some of the beer making greats, but they are also ultimately true to their endeavor. Everything they do comes from the heart. They are truly experimental and take risks all in the name of creating great beer.

To see the work in situ visit www.harbourbrewing.com/about-us/