Harbour Making Of


Three days in Cornwall shooting for one of the coolest up and coming craft beer companies  – we had a blast. Once again, even though Harbour only asked us for one film, we just couldn’t help ourselves, so made a third.

For us this edit works as a great Hub film. We have worked the actual footage from the hero film together with the out takes and behind the scenes shots, to allow the viewer to see the preparation that goes on and also deliver more information about the increasing market and demand for craft beer. We chose an up beat piece of music to create an edit in contrast to the Hero film that was more fast moving and reflective of the high energy of the shoot, and also reflective of the spirit at Harbour. We took the opportunity to work in some graphic text cards that reflect important values of the Harbour brand.

The shoot introduced us to some great local businesses that we are hugely thankful to for their collaboration. These include Rick Steins, Strong Adolfo’s, Pork Peddler and Finisterre.