Harbour Introducing


This spot opens a window into a day in the life of the Harbour Brewing Company. It steps beyond ‘selling a product to a consumer’, but delivers an evocative sense of lifestyle, and ultimately is paving the way to creating a Harbour Beer Culture. It doesn’t describe the different technologies behind the brand, or the different product lines; which in themselves are seriously cutting edge with lots of chrome gadgets and different hops from all over the world, but simply reinforces the core elements and philosophies that are so important to Harbour. It’s this that they want their consumer to experience with them.

The film tells a story of dreamy landscapes filled with rugged cliffs and stormy sea’s immediately transporting the viewer to a place they once travelled too, a holiday memory, or somewhere they want to visit. It’s inspirational and emotionally charged, full of moments of escapism, and freedom. As we travel with the Harbour delivery truck through vast landscapes and open roads a sense of journey and wonder is ignited. The images of team at the beach, surfing and BBQ’ing, stimulate the viewers senses, you can smell the charred shellfish and fresh herbs; leaving the viewer wanting to wash it all down and experience the delicately blended taste of Harbour craft beer.

To finish the film with the finesse it deserved, we asked our friends at A52 in LA to do the final colour grade. Big Thanks to them for a great job.

To see the work in situ visit www.harbourbrewing.com