Boyhood Summer 2017

Here is our latest kidswear fashion video for kids clothing brand Boyhood.

Here is yet another fantastic collection which inspired us, with its incredible combinations of textures and tones, to shoot our latest kidswear fashion video along the coastline of Southwest France. We found that the soft tones of the sand dunes and the arid vegetation was a perfect backdrop for this fantastic new kidswear collection.

As for the story, we wanted to keep exploring Boyhood’s main themes of discovery, creativity and freedom. So what better setting than the wild and empty beaches with sand dunes and pine forests which are typical of the Aquitane region. No motorways, no streets and no houses, just pure cinematic landscape for as far as the eye and our drone could reach. A perfect place for a journey of discovery and our kids fashion video.

Our idea for this kids fashion video was very simple. We sent the kids on a treasure hunt to search for shells amongst the dunes and then we gave them some simple tools so they could make jewellery with the shells they had collected.

If you have ever worked with kids you’ll know that the main task is always “how do you keep their attention for long enough to get your shot?” The answer is simple, you just give them something fun to do, that they want to do and be ready to keep feeding them at regular intervals!

We hope you enjoy our latest kidswear fashion video and watch this space for the next one.

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