Beast B2B video – American Promo


Recently we have noticed that American brands are looking to their cousins in the UK to produce their digital content. The reason being that many brands are bound by SAG regulations which means that creating low cost, high volume digital content with home grown talent is a huge challenge.

So that threw up the question – How easy is it to make US content here in the UK? The actors need to have an American accent of course but it goes far beyond that. The locations also need to look like US and of course since much of the content that’s produced is humor based, it’s important to get that tone right too. There is a case of difference between British and US humor and at the heart of any comedy treatment is the awareness of the details and nuances upon which gags are often built.

So we decided to put our money where our mouths are and gave some fun with a silly little idea and basically say ‘totally’ instead of ‘basically’ and see how many times we could say ‘ASSSSS-HOLLLLLLE’ in 4 minutes.

Please watch this B2B video with viewer discretion.



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