Boyhood Kidswear


Introducing our new kidswear brand video for Boyhood.

The Boyhood philosophy is simple and clear; they believe that children should be bold bright and carefree. And this transposes perfectly to their autumn collection. The clothes are comfortable but stylish and the colour palette is rich with burnt yellows, reds and greens.

When Yana Ageeva the designer and founder of Boyhood came to Beast and asked us for a brand video for a kidswear company, we said, “what kind of video content do you need?” You might think that’s a normal question…not loaded at all…But Yana’s other job is TV producer at BBDO so we knew that we would be in for a long and detailed reply. But we we’re surprised. She simply said that her brand was already well defined through her facebook, instagram and storefront window –

“…we want the Beast style and thats the perfect fit for our brand, I’m sure all you need from us is a rail of clothes.”

So not what we expected, but direct and to the point, and very flattering.  It made sense to us to get into the forest and find the natural environment, which clearly inspired the collection. Furthermore we wanted to mirror the spirit of the brand. Boyhood’s creators Yana and Irina believe that, “Adults need to step aside sometimes and remember what it was like to be a child, in order for our own children to really be free to express themselves freely.”

When we were researching kidswear brand videos and kids wear video content we found a lot of examples of contrived and glossy kids clothes videos. We wanted to show off the clothes but also let the kids lead the way. So that’s what we did, the results are a combination of lookbook shots and kids being kids, and we feel that this is a perfect fit for the approach and vision of the brand. So here’s to Boyhood’s first venture into video content for kids lifestyle brand and we can’t wait for the next one!


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