British Airways Cayman Islands Barefoot


Introducing the first tourism video in our campaign for Mr.H & The Cayman Islands Tourist board.

London based advertising agency Mr.H contacted Beast with a very nice tourism video brief and a plan to shoot 12 x 15 second videos for social media and two 60 second content videos for the caymanluxe website. Of course when this project came in everyone in the office started working on his or her winter coats in order to be picture perfect for the shoot ahead. And we also came up with some great ideas and a nice treatment too.

The Cayman Islands is a bucket list destination so this meant that of course we would need to make sure that the overall feel of the execution would scream out, “Luxury Travel Video

The first video in their video content campaign is called barefoot and it focuses just on the hero couple’s feet. The idea being that when the feet touch the sand and the water in beautiful close up shots, we could make videos, which are highly visceral and emotive. The creative agency really wanted a different approach to their tourism video. They didn’t want something contrived; instead they wanted to focus on what it feels like to be on holiday. They wanted the viewer to feel the touch of the sand and the heat of the warm Caribbean sun.

Our approach was to really make an in-depth research. We wanted to avoid the kind of visuals, which are common to this genre of holiday videos and tourism videos, and instead follow a more modern approach to this kind of subject matter. We also didn’t want to try to make each story a ‘one shot’. We knew that by breaking it down and building up a story we could make the overall feeling more tactile because we could make each shot as beautiful as possible.

When it came to the hero videos the creative agency was happy to give us a free reign and so we just toured the islands and shot all the beautiful angles that came up. Of course we knew that we had to stay on theme and make sure every shot and every scene carried the message of ‘Luxury travel video’. We feel this free and uninhibited approach to the video production is what helps to create really powerful video content which relies not just on pre-approved boards but the instinct and creativity of the director, creative director and director of photography when on location.

The next Cayman tourism video, which is called, ‘Moments’, features poignant moments of action filmed on location with photo sonic high-speed slow motion. We used this super slow-motion technique in order to really highlight the natural beauty of the moment. This will be released next week.

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