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Video Production for Social Media

Who needs video production for Social Media?

Well, incase you didn’t notice – Social media is now the top choice for big brands who want to have direct conversation with their consumers. So the answer is simple – EVERYONE – All brands need video production for Social Media platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. So just choose one from all of the production companies UK.

So how does it work and what’s the best way to make the most of your video production for Social Media?

There are different channels that you can use depending on which users you want to engage with. The most popular are of course Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Different channels give you different time parameters. Instagram gives you 60 seconds to market yourself. Viewers give you way less than that. You’ve got 5 seconds maximum to grab your audience’s attention using your video content production and thats where you need the expertise of a professional production company UK. Most viewers won’t even hang around that long to have their attention grabbed. You have 3 seconds, 4 at the most for some people. Within those first few seconds, you have to make an impact, you have to make them want to stick around for the remaining 56 seconds of video content. That might seem like an impossible task, but remember, you’re already half way there if these people are following you. You already have their attention, they are already engaged with your video content and they are already interested in what you have to say to them or show them. Your hardest task, is to get someone who isn’t following you to watch your video. Those are the people who give you 4 seconds of their time before they scroll on. It might not seem like it, but for someone to give you 1 minute of their life is a big thing. So, make it worthwhile for them.

How are brands using video production for Instagram

More and more brands are realising the power of using video content on their Social Media feeds and this means they need to think about video production for social channels like Instagram and Facebook. One big difference in terms of production is in the volume of output. These social ‘feeds’ are exactly that – channels that need to be fed. To retain your subscribers and attract new ones you have to be able to upload content several times a day, every day and without fail. And the content itself has to be valid, it has to be something that is of interest and created to a certain level of production value. As such brands are reaching out to small production companies to help in the creation and production of the huge volume of high quality video content that they need.

Thousands of likes are recorded per second and millions of users are accessing Instagram for their digital content fix on a daily basis. Meaning Instagram is becoming THE platform to be engaging with your customers and consumers on. Brands are starting to realise the incredible marketing potential and shifting their marketing budgets from traditional avenues such as TV and Print and really making the most of social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. You need to be posting religiously and supplying content to your followers on a daily basis. But, slamming their feed with irrelevant and badly produced online content, isn’t an option. Adding a photo that has no relevance, just for the sake of it is a huge mistake, and uploading video video content because you have nothing else to share, will soon get your viewers hitting that unfollow button. You need to produce shareable video content that is made to a consistently high production value that is on theme, to keep your followers isn’t always easy. Creating all this digital content takes a lot of time and expertease. This is where you need a helping hand from a creative agency and professional video production company. There are plenty of video agencies to choose from so you just have to start researching and choose a suitable content production partner and video marketing agency to get your Instagram feed up to scratch.

You need to get yourself some of that action because other brands and their digital content agencies are already beating you to it. Don’t just take our word for it;

Here are some brands who are using a professional production company UK for their Social Media:

Ben and Jerry’s smash it out of the park with their on point Instagram feed. Their video content is excellent and if you take a look at their feed, you will see why they have 750k followers. There are tonnes of recipe ideas and really simple video content, marketing their new flavours and what goes into them. Who even knew you could make bread pudding using a pint of their Phish Food ice cream? We certainly didn’t, but now we are desperate to get ourselves to the shop and recreate that deliciousness. Simplicity and vibrancy is key when it comes to this feed; none of the content is too busy and the recipes are so easy to follow. You can tell a tonne of work has gone into getting this right, and got it right they have.

Jamie Oliver’s feed has a tonne of videos and a tonne of engagement from viewers. Doing what Jamie does best, he packs a tonne of personality into the 60 seconds he has, and you can’t help but enjoy it. Accompanied by delectable images of food, you are soon off searching for the full recipe on his site, booking a table at Jamie’s Italian and buying yourself an outdoor oven you definitely won’t use and need even less. His feed feels really personal, and you get glimpses of him going about his day, and glimpses of a tonne of other celebs as he tells his brand story. We just want to eat his entire feed, and him a little bit – is that wrong?

You won’t need much persuading to hit up Oreo’s Instagram (we certainly didn’t), but when you get there, you will see they are nailing their video content. They have these amazing videos where they make an Oreo a focal point in a piece of art, where your chocolatey circle of goodness is the wheel of a motorbike, or your Oreo Thin is precariously balanced on the head of a pin, or on the edge of a book. Their feed is beyond vibrant, and it stands out as one of the more joyous feeds around at the moment; everything is colourful, everything is thought about. For some unknown reason, the office now has a real hankering for Oreos…

Starbucks have mastered the art of short video content. Their feed is full of super short videos which are no more than a few seconds long. Users don’t have to waste any of their time, and you still want to head out and grab a Holiday Spice Flat White after a few seconds of digital content, don’t be fooled into thinking these short clips don’t do enough to whet the appetite. Vibrancy is the key here again. One thing which is really interesting about the videos on Starbucks’ feed, is that most of them don’t use any music, making them stand out from the crowd, because the silence is pretty loud.

Sainsbury’s upload some great videos, but they are few and far between. This is a shame, because the ones they give their followers are great – and we want to see more of them! Anything with food in the feed grabs attention, and before you headed to their feed you would never have known how much you needed miso marinated aubergines in your life. It’s a shame they haven’t upped the amount of video content on their feed and this is a great example of nearly doing it right.

Another big player in the world of social media and video content is Facebook. Don’t think we’ve forgotten about them, because we haven’t, they just deserve a whole post to themselves, so watch this space.