TV commercials

The great art of the TV Commercial production is the skill of telling an emotional story and getting across a message in a very short time frame.


At Beast video content production company, we know that to do this effectively the best place to start is at the very beginning. Clearly identify your communication objectives and goals. Then identify the idea and define how it will make a connection with the viewer. Once we have a strategy in place we then start work on a director’s treatment, which outlines the following: agency creative approach and director’s creative approach. The director’s approach will then break down into the following categories:


Shooting Style

In a TV commercial the shooting style will depend greatly on the genre of story and the mood we want to evoke. For example and action sequence with a guy running down around and jumping onto a motorbike then onto a speeding train and so on will require the camera to be constantly moving – so at first we would want a steady cam, then perhaps a camera car and finally a drone. But an emotional story set in the home we would probably shoot hand-held camera with partially obscured view of the scene in order to give the film a real life ‘documentary’ feel to the approach.


The tone is linked to the genre but goes beyond this. Defining the tone is often over looked but it is the main criteria in creating the film that the client expects. The story and the script can all be read and understood in black and white and on the page – but defining the mood means defining the visceral approach of the communication. We do this using images and references and are a very important part of the process.


At Beast video content production, we consider casting to be the most important choice that can be made in creating any kind of successful video communication. This is a highly subjective matter and don’t get me started on ‘mirror neurons’. Suffice to say, everyone will want to have his or her say.


Styling is important because once the mood is established you then must decide what the colour palette will be for your spot. And so the styling will be created according to this choice.

Art Direction

Art direction follows suit with styling. We provide a series of mood boards in order to clearly set out what the Art Direction and Styling for the commercial will be.


Following on from the tone we then go into greater detail by deciding the photographic style – we may want to shoot with wide lenses in order to shoot cinematic landscapes or a longer lens with short depth of field if we are looking for striking portraiture style shots.


At Beast video content production we believe that the you have to use the right tool for the job. So by that measure if a script dictates a low-fi approach we are as happy to shoot a broadcast TV commercial on the phone in our pocket as much as on the latest Arri Alexa or Red Weapon – The variety of kit available on the market today is mind-boggling and for geeks like us it’s party time in the chocolate factory!


Grading is a really important part of the post-production as it is here that we balance all of the photography and give the film the look that will define your brand image and brand identity through moving image.


Sometimes an after thought but in the words of the great Commercials director, Tony Kaye”, “music is 50% of the commercial”, and by that measure it deserves 50% percent of your attention and dare we say it…50% of the budget.


Editorial is when the pieces of the puzzle finally slot into place – it’s all about pacing, juxtaposition and storytelling in the most effective way. If a shot doesn’t serve the greater purpose then it has no place in the edit.

Post Production Effects

The final sha-zzazzle. And the place where the buck stops when this or that was brushed over or not properly thought through…They can fix anything in post…right?