Motion Graphics

Several of our directors come from a graphic design background, so using motion graphics in our videos is in our DNA.

Motion Graphics means moving typography. So you’ll find that motion graphic designers come from a traditional graphic design schooling and background and then turn their hand to animate that text to create striking, dynamic and insightful ways to communicating messages through words rather than through sound.

There are two great advantages to using motion graphics instead of say a voice over or an actor giving an advocacy performance.

Firstly we are in the visual communication business. So whilst sound is very important in the purpose of telling a story and provoking emotions, when it comes to voice over or even actors talking, it’s very easy to tune out. Focus on the images and not the messages that the brand wants you to hear. So this is where typography and moving graphics comes into play. As a visual medium it becomes immediately the focus of attention in the images that you are watching. And if done the wright way, with the right pacing and the right flow of script, then it will keep your attention from the start to the finish.

The second reason for considering motion graphics as a tool to get your message across is the online platform. We don’t always have the sound switched on, and moreover videos will stream without having to click play but there will be no sound. So if you have striking graphics that are telling your story and is relevant to your consumer, this is a great way to really grab their attention and get them to invest their time in your online content.

2D and 3D motion graphics incorporated with live action footage or animation can be a great visual way of getting your story across