Event Video

Creative  and professional event video.

Event video can be made specifically to be broadcast at the event; live streaming of the event; or a filming of the event for viewing at a later date, either as a record for those that were there or to show those that couldn’t make it what they missed. When it comes to shooting event videos you have to have camera people that are extremely consciences. You want to get all of the action without interfering and becoming an obstacle. This takes a certain level of experience to understand the balance and the boundaries.

Ultimately you want your shooters to be personable polite and to a certain degree interactive with guests and staff alike. This is how you can pickup interesting moments and hopes to catch people feeling perfectly comfortable and not bothered by the presence of the cameraman. Our shooters are extremely well trained and always complemented not only for the work they do but the way they present themselves. At Beast Video Content we specialize in event videos production including all of the following categories:

Awards Ceremonies Videos

By using video you can capture the glitz and glamour of your award ceremony. Award ceremony videos are perfect for building a greater awareness for future ceremonies by creating a permanent record of the attendee’s achievements.

Conference Videos

A conference video can offer people who could not attend with a complete overview of the conference. With VR (Virtual reality) now readily available, conference videos take on a completely new dimension. You feel like you are there when you see and hear the people sitting next to you. This can be an amazing experience and is the future of conference video production.

Publicity Event Videos

When you are putting on a publicity event you want to be sure that your audience will be informed and entertained. If video is used and shot by talented filmmakers then it will always be compelling. We know how to shoot publicity event videos that have a story telling arc, a sense of purpose, anticipation and excitement.

Launch Party Videos

Launch party videos are ideal for adding to your social media channels or to sit on your website. As you can see from our work, we deliver high quality launch party videos, which will reflect the quality of your business and brand.

Meeting Video Production

Capturing meetings on video is perfect for wider internal distribution and again using VR cameras can make for fully immersive viewing.

Team Building

Team building events are a great way of developing morale, reinforcing company values and encouraging employees to work together. What a team building video offers is the ability to widen the impact of that event to your entire company. The event itself can become the platform for some fantastic video content to feed through your website.