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The 5 Second Rule


5 second Rule

At BEAST we live by the 5 Second Rule.

Whether it’s a visit to your homepage or an advert on Youtube, in today’s world of multi-platform browsing you need to create a hook in the first five seconds.

We take the 5 second rule into account with all our video content. Every creative concept must create intrigue within the first 5 seconds to deter todays trigger happy audience from navigating away. We believe the first thing to do is to consider the start when conceiving the concept rather than looking at it from the now outdated format of the TV commercial. In other words, it doesn’t make sense to come up with an idea for a commercial and then try to figure out how to apply the 5 second rule. You have to start by solving the 5 second rule and then use that as a platform and launchpad for the rest of the communication.

In effect this means that ‘creativity’ is the foremost objective. You have to be more daring, you have to be original. Or the cultured audience will simply click on. This means that there has to be a close relationship between client and agency and this relationship must be built on trust. Anything which is innovative or unusual has to be a gamble by it’s very nature. So it’s time to throw off the shackles of doubt and let the creativity flow untempered.