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Beast win Cannes Lions 2018

Beast wins a Bronze Lion at Cannes in Direct for Burger King’s “Whopper No Show”.

We teamed up  with Chief Creative Officer Jorg Riommi  from Publicis for another Cannes Lions entry. Our previous work together includes, Multiple Sclerosis ‘Earthquake’, Voltaren ‘Commentator’ & Drink Driving ‘Girl’s Night Out’, all of which have been shortlisted at Cannes but failed to pick up the metal…We met up with Jorg and Creative Director Dan Farnciulesu,  in Bucharest to prepare for the latest outrageous piece of video marketing by Burger King. Their creative strategy is pioneered by their incredibly talented and yet really down to earth and genuinely nice guy, director of marketing, Fernando Machado.

Here is  Fernando Machado on stage at Cannes Lions, talking about where the idea came from.

So how did the idea come about?

The idea was born out of frustration. There is a very odd situation for Whopper fans who live in Romania. There is only one Burger King in Romania – and it’s at the airport beyond passport control. The implication of this is that, any whopper fans in Romania have to leave the country if they want to eat a whopper.

Publicis Creative team, “So obviously we had to do something about it.”


With such a concentrated group of frustrated and hungry creatives all held under one roof – the idea inevitable…

Burger King made a partnership with Vola, Romania’s leading low cost airfare marketplace. Vola would announce cheap flight deals to Angry Romanian whopper fans. All the whopper fans had to do is book a flight, check in and trade in their boarding passes to get they whopper meals. And never have to leave the country.

An advertising campaign was launched to give those dedicated and long under appreciated whopper fans the good news and of course we at Beast video production jumped in to the party to film the whole story. And grab our own whopper or two.