Promotional Video

Promotional video is a great way of getting a message across fast and effectively.

We at Beast we love to work closely with brands so we can find the best way of doing this. We pride ourselves on creating video content and promotional video that speaks the Brand’s language and delivers video that is not just engaging and visually stimulating, but relates to the viewer specifically. Every element of video creation is highly considered. The tone, the message the brand and the product must aligned so the video can work effectively.

We feel the next phase in promotional video will be Virtual Reality or “VR”. So again it’s important to have films shot by experts that not only understand the technical process and application of the new technology but who also understand the end game. Who will watch the video, how and where?

Imagine a performance, be it theatre, cinema or even a sporting event, where you are part of a group and a crowd. When you are there, there is something intrinsquley compelling about sharing an experience with other people. If you are in a room full of people and you all laugh at the same joke, the laughs will be louder and more heartfelt. This is the great emotional trigger that can be achieved through using VR. And VR will be huge in terms of promotional video productions and connecting with new audiences.