Behind The Scenes

With the advent of Video Content, the once happy go lucky ‘Behind The Scenes’ videos have finally grown up!

That is to say they used to be shot by a single shooter using a camcorder that would then spend an afternoon cutting together all the footage in a linear manner to the latest U2 song! Not anymore, for one thing you don’t want a licensing battle with U2. And for another thing, behind the scenes videos are now an important part of your online video content marketing campaign. And what this means of course is that they need to be all about, ‘The Story’.

The viewer, your customer, has an insatiable appetite for story. So any chance you have to shoot some content and tell a story, should be pounced upon. So then how do you make an ordinary Behind The Scenes video into a really exciting story? Hard work of course. It takes as much thought and planning as any other piece of interesting and targeted video content production.

So in the same manner as any other piece of video content that we create, Beast video content  will draft a script and a plan for the Behind the Scenes video. We support it with Motion Graphics or even simple title cards in order to inform and narrate the story to the viewer. We start with a hook and then feed in the story of our shooting and our brand with a constant flow of dialogue. The script must be purposeful and adhere to a theme and there should be a balance of information and humour.

Using simple title cards is a great way of really keeping the viewer switched on and integrated into the viewing experience. By reading a flow of script you are asking them to engage and participate. If you do it in the right way and if the script you are using is clever and witty it will really give a huge degree of extra value to your behind the scenes video. See this superb example of the art form by Honda.