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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Corporate Video Content

The mindsets of people and society as a whole have shifted dramatically over the past few decades, especially upon the rise of the internet.

One example of this evolution is the way people nowadays prefer to engage with information and content – no longer do people enjoy reading through pages of text or plain images (if they even did in the first place!).

Instead, consumers engage with video content a whole lot more, and this can be seen in the popularity of online video sharing platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

As we progress with technology and it gains a wider userbase, we can begin to see a common trend – everyone loves video.

As a business, you need to use this to your advantage in order to draw in more engagement and keep people interested in your brand over any other company out there.

If you’re still uncertain, then it’s good that you came to this article, because I will discuss the 10 reasons why YOUR business needs a corporate video.

Corporate Video Content
Corporate Video Content

1 – Video is easier to consume

First and foremost – and this applies to all forms of video, not just corporate video – is the fact that video is far easier for people to consume.

Think about this – would you prefer to watch a movie or read through a several-pages-long transcript of it?

Of course, the majority of you would prefer to watch the action and hear the dialogue rather than read a block of text describing it.

This applies to corporate video, too, so we can safely say that it is the superior form of spreading your message to your audience over text.

But what about people that do prefer reading over watching/listening? Easy: include the transcript too. This way you can cater to all types of audiences, rather than limiting yourself to one or the other.


2 – Video is easier to remember

To add onto the idea that video is easier for people to consume, it’s often also the easiest type of content to remember.

When it comes to text, it usually comes in the form of big, blocky paragraphs filled with information. Sometimes this is fine, and even ideal, but a lot of the time it makes it harder for your audience to remember everything that was written down.

A corporate video, on the other hand, often manages to condense large amounts of information into easily digestible chunks that are displayed either through speech, or visuals, or both.

This makes the content far more engaging for your audience, and so will help them actually remember the information given. Otherwise, why spend hours typing up text if people will forget what it said a day later?

Corporate Video Content
Corporate Video Content


3 – Search engines favour video

Now let’s dive into the more technical, which may be complicated to understand at first but imperative to know if you want your business to thrive in this modern age.

While you don’t precisely need to know all the complex algorithms that go behind it, what you do need to know is that Google and other search engines rank websites in their search results based on a number of different factors. And what you really need to know is that video increases your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on Google.

To get your website pushed to the top and exposed to more people, you need to be able to play into Google’s algorithms and give them exactly what they want.

one of the things that search engines love above all else is video, and if you pair your corporate video with certain keywords then you are sure to have your site boosted to the top.

This is the perfect formula to get more eyes on your video, and, by extension, on your brand.

Corporate Video Content
Corporate Video Content

4 – Video can be spread via social media

Not only does Google love video, but so does the rest of the internet, and if you play your cards right with certain websites then you can drive your brand’s popularity through the roof.

Social media is the best way to bring awareness to your business, and you can enhance this through corporate video.

How? Well, it’s simple.

The basis of social media is sharing content: photos, statuses, etc. This, naturally, includes video.

Video is one of the easiest forms of content to share on social media, and the beauty of these platforms is that you don’t even need to do most of the work – with a little bit of promotion and a small push, you can have your audience promote your corporate video for you! Now doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Corporate Video Content
Corporate Video Content

5 – Video can increase your ROI

We’ve talked about how easily you can expose your corporate video to a huge audience, but what exactly does that entail? Easy – profit!

When more people view your corporate video, this automatically means more potential customers. If you manage to hook a couple, then boom, you have actual customers! And we all know that customers equal sales, and sales equal profit. It’s all very simple!

This ROI is definitely enhanced when you use video over other forms of content because, as we’ve already discussed, people are more drawn in by video, and are more likely to feel more engaged with your brand.

Corporate Video Content
Corporate Video Content

6 – Corporate video can help you build trust

We all know the popular saying – an image speaks a thousand words. But what if you breathe life into that image, and turn it into a video?

When a consumer watches a video, they tend to automatically feel more connected to the brand.

Why? Because video is a lot more engaging, and even more so if you have a face to put the name to.

By using corporate video showing a person addressing the audience directly and/or with your brand, product or service in action, the viewer forms a connection with your business instantaneously. Video brings a sense of humanity to your brand, which is difficult to do through text or images alone.

Corporate video is one of the best ways to build trust with your audience, so it’s important to use this fact if you want your business to look reliable, and like one that people want to engage with.

Corporate Video Content
Corporate Video Content

7 – There are many different types of corporate video you can create

No matter what message you want to convey to your audience, there is a type of corporate video out there that suits your need perfectly.

One of the most common types of corporate video is brand video, which encapsulates your brand’s ideals and message in one short, catchy video.

Testimonial videos are another type of corporate video, used to showcase raving feedback from prior clients. This is the best way to hook potential customers, as not only are they listening to glowing reviews of your brand, but they are also hearing them ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’.

There are many other types of corporate video that you can utilise to convey your message in an efficient, targeted way that will reach a wide audience. You just need to find them!

Corporate Video Content
Corporate Video Content

8 – Video adds dimension to your branding

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to branding for your business is making sure to keep it fresh, new, and interesting.

If your campaign is mostly made up of logos and text that starts and ends with your product or service, the truth is that your brand won’t be viewed as favourably as if you have a more dynamic branding strategy.

More important than just advertising your product or services is giving your brand personality and depth, and the best way to do this is to spice things up a little bit with video.

Corporate video will enrich your business’ branding more than other types of content can, so be sure to take advantage of it!

Corporate Video Content
Corporate Video Content

9 – Video is a flexible form of content

One of the biggest advantages of corporate video over other types of content is just how flexible it is – it can even be considered fun!

Your corporate video doesn’t need to be plain and bare-bones – people nowadays simply do not want to sit and watch a person on their screen that’s also sitting and staring right back at them.

People want something fun and engaging, both visually and narratively.

Corporate video is the best way to accomplish this, because you can really let your creative juices flow with animation, fun camera angles, movement, and more.

This is the best way to keep your audience glued to their seats and actually want to listen to what you and your brand have to say.

Corporate Video Content
Corporate Video Content

10 – Video can help you stand out from your competitors

To tie in with how flexible the video format can be, you can also find a way to stand out far beyond your competition – and it’s very easy to do, too!

All you need is a big imagination and a head bursting with unique ideas for your corporate video. The more original your video is, the more people will be drawn to you, and the more your brand will stand out from your peers.

Not only will a good corporate video based on a fresh concept make your business’ campaign unique, but it will also help to boost your search engine ranking and your viewership. In this competitive age where millions of businesses are constantly struggling against each other to capture customers, this boost in exposure is exactly what you and your brand need. So give it a go!

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