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Tommy Hilfiger ‘Then and Now’ Photography shoot London

Tommy Hilfiger ‘Now & Then’ Online video and Social Media campaign 2018.

Tommy Hilfiger approached us to help them launch their new ‘Now and Then’ online videoand image campaign 2018. They wanted to create something fresh, and use their relationships with social media influencers as a platform instead of the usual ‘big’ names.

They wanted to have a series of online video, and a series of Fashion Photography from all the influencers for their social media platforms. Cool we thought, for a one day shoot. And then they told us there were six influencers.

Embracing the challenge and excited to be working with the Tommy Hilfiger team and all the influencers, we begin to puzzle together a schedule. We did this in the back of our production car, straight off the back of another film production we had just wrapped in Cornwall.

The budget allowed for only a one day shoot – so we had to work out how we were going to get the six influencers, with their personally challenging schedules, into two different studios for two different shoots in 9 hours.

Happy days!

Myself and Mel our video production manager start to piece together timings in the back of the car. It’s ridiculously complicated, and most of the journey home. We get there in the end and when we finally get back to London we go for a curry to relax and chill.

The next day it’s all hands on deck. We get to work designing the back drops for the video shoot. We want something that’s going to reflect the modern style and wardrobe of the ‘now’ perfume, and in contrast something simple but with a vintage feel to reflect the ‘Then’ theme of the online campaign.

We then got the pleasure of hearing who the influencers were going to be, and we were really excited to be working with:

  • Chantal Tru @chantaltru,
  • Justin Livingston @Justinliv
  • Biel Juste Calduch @bieljuste
  • Lizzy Van Der Ligt @lizzyvdligt
  • Nina Schwichtenberg @fashiioncarpet
  • Loanne & Jordan Collyer @collyertwins

We were super happy at this point to bring in to the team, the awesome stills photographer Buzz White. Having shot for Tommy Hilfiger many times before and also having worked with some of the influencers he was the perfect match to make sure the fashion photography worked in harmony with the video content production.

We came up with the idea to use retro stripes from vintage surfboards as a reference for ‘Then’, and simple colour block tommy colours and neon light tubing in red, white and blue for the ‘Now’.

After a test shoot in the studio, it looked great. We sent it to Estee Lauder in NYC, the Mother dragon for Tommy Hilfiger, and we get the sign off.

Each influencer needed their own backdrop, so our set designer gets to work creating 10 x 6ft high back drops, bringing to life the stripes and colour blocks from our designs.

A week of prop making and customising leaves us with lots of different props with the red white and blue stripes to use through out the photo shoot for the product shots.

Working with Big Sky Studios, who were really fantastic, we plan for a day with near 50 crew.

Because we had to work in tandum with the fashion shoot and the video production, and because of the size of the production and photography requirements, choice of studio was tricky. We needed to make sure we didn’t compromise on sound quality, which is always difficult in a photo studio, as most crews are shooting to Prince playing full whack.

This is where Big Sky Studios accommodated us so well. They put our video production in the quietest spot, and also announced through-out the photo studio to all other clients to be quiet that day, as well as posting quiet posters all around.

Shoot day was intricately coordinated. Influencers and their entourage were wafting in and out, ALL with big smiley faces I might add, which always makes the mood in the photo studio a happy one. Buzz White was working like a Tag Heuer watch. Effortlessly, and completely on time.

Make up and hair set to work and as one left the chair, the next one slotted in. As one left the photo studio, the next one arrived. It was eerily synchronized.

Sets were being swapped and shots were being sent back to NYC for fast approval. Taxi’s were coming and going, and all the time… was smiles all around.

Lunch was on time…..and apart from the absence of one Vegan meal….that was quickly recovered, everyone tucked in and filled their boots. It was an amazing spread, once again thank you to Big Sky Studios.

The afternoon followed suit, and with an expected wrap time of around 10pm, we were pretty delighted to be calling it at 7pm.

All the influencers left in time to catch their flights or next gig…. And all left with the same smile they walked in with.

It was a huge relief that the schedule ran so smoothly, and that was relayed in the response we had from the client at Estee Lauder who commented that she had ‘never been on a shoot that went that smoothly’.”

Victoria Taylor Beast Creative Director