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Tips on how to make corporate videos more creative

We all know that corporate videos, and talking head video case studies can be a bit boring. Here are some tips on how to make corporate videos more creative.

Corporate videos can often be dull and cumbersome.   But it is because there are thousands of corporate videos produced on a daily basis that now even the corporate video has become the subject of creativity and imagination. The sea of visual material makes it really difficult for your company videos to stand out. A wise person once said, that originality is non-existent, but you should strive to make everything you do unique. Corporate videos are no exception, the more unique your video is, the better the chance that it will convey the messages of your corporate values, or whatever other messages you wish your customer to receive.

Regardless of your area of business, there will always be a requirement for video production. Corporate video production can have many different approaches. In some instances, your brand may need a video for advertising purposes. These videos can air on television, or they can be streamed on the web for online advertising. There are many businesses that also use video production to help them reach new clients and business partners. These are business-to-business videos, which are better known as B2B videos. These videos will be promotional and targeted to speak to potential partners with a different language than you would use when wanting to engage with customers. Another exciting use for corporate videos is for training purposes. Training videos are a great tool because they allow for affordable and standardized training communications.

How much does a corporate video cost?

So, how much does a corporate video cost? Most people think, that just by pouring money into a video production you’ll get the outstanding video. Whilst having a healthy budget is important we know that as a video production company and video agency, that it is the idea itself that counts the most. While it is true that the latest equipment might add the visual edge to the video, the big budget is by no means insurance, that the final product will be a success. There are simply too many moving parts in the equation, to rely solely on the financial aspect of the matter. Let’s dive into the secrets of the corporate video production that will help you create engaging material that attracts clients and creates a compelling reflection of your brand.

Best corporate videos 2016

Ideas are cheap in our world unless you are able to make them come true. Nonetheless, without ideas, there would be no videos, which places an idea at the very beginning of the process of creating a commercially successful video. A well-written script sets the course of an entire production, and is also vital for the video production company to calculate the cost of video production. Thus it is of utmost importance to have a script that speaks clearly to the audience about the topic. At Beast we are known for our award winning corporate videos. We very proud to announce our recent award winning video for Cambridge Audio, which was a winner at the inaugural London Brand Film Festival awards this year.

The most common mistake is to have a generic voice-over or a dialogue; most clients will forget minutes after watching the video. The words you are using must be carefully chosen, well-crafted and above all compelling, since that is the best way to ensure that you are not just producing another video that follows the same beats as thousands of others.

Everything in the video you are producing needs to make your product or brand stand out. Locations, actors, dialogues are all equally important, and only if you manage to create a perfect balance of all these elements you can look forward to a smooth production that will result in a high-quality visual product.

Great examples of corporate videos

It can be hardly stressed enough how important it is to know everything there is to know about your competition. What it is their video marketing strategy? What are they doing differently than you? If you are able to stay ahead of your competition, then your chances to position your brand on the market better are significantly higher. When producing a corporate video, you need to know what other companies are doing and try to do something differently that will make you stand out. For example, we as a corporate video production company are very conscious of our competition. It is important to us to study the most professional corporate video production companies. Being inspired by our competitors keeps us hungry and we love to see great work and enjoy other great examples of corporate videos.

Learn from the best, study all the best TV commercials or marketing videos that advertise similar products. Try to figure out what can be done differently or more efficiently. If you can do this, you will place your brand ahead of most of your business rivals. Also, don’t be afraid to copy the strategies of other companies, just be mindful of copyright infringement.

Corporate video tips

The best corporate video tips…is actually really just the one tip. Try not to say too much. Trying to say too much often results in a diluted message. Corporate videos are often time-limited and placing too much information in them can be overwhelming for the audience. Less is more. It is better to develop just one stream of thought than to have overlapping ideas that try to achieve a lot, but due to their complexity, fail to do so. Our clients always ask us for our corporate video tips. But really this is the common mistake and this is the main

Be concise and specific about the message you want your potential client to receive and focus everything on making it as transparent as possible. People will give your brand and your products a limited amount of time, make their time worthwhile and tell them a story they will not forget so easily. The best way to do this is to say more by saying less. If you and your team are able to achieve this, the video you created will stand a better chance on the market and it will be much less likely to be buried under the pile of similar videos that reach the audience every day.

Plan the promotion in advance

The process of creating a video has different stages of development. From an initial idea to a meaningful and precise script. A professional video content company will be set up so that they can facilitate the whole project. Then from the excitement of production to the magic of post-production where everything comes together. Once the video is finished and all the pieces have finally fitted together, there is the one last step – promotion. How do you want to promote the video you created?

In the past decade, the Internet has become a powerful advertising tool that an increasing number of people are using to boost the sales of their products and improve the image of their company. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo or YouTube can help your videos reach a larger number of potential clients and make the products you are offering more available to the wider range of target groups. However, if your marketing strategy is different and you don’t want to utilize the advantages the Internet has to offer, you can have an equally successful campaign, you just need to have an exact plan for the promotion of the video your produced.

Creative corporate videos

Just be human. All the visual excellence and masterful storytelling cannot help your video if the viewers cannot relate to the content of the material you presented to them. All of the effort you have put into the production will remain futile if there isn’t a human note hidden somewhere within the video. Corporate videos can often be dislikeable, because of the cold corporate vocabulary they use, but if you choose to give it a more human face, it can still serve its purpose while highlighting the fact that the people come first, business afterward.

Beast Agency can offer you the expertise of seasoned professionals that produced a staggering amount of creative corporate videos. So if you are looking for corporate video production from a professional video agency, Contact us and we will make sure that your corporate videos have all the ingredients that will set you up for success.