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Marketing techniques that boost sales

Marketing techniques that boost sales

Products don’t sell themselves, regardless of the demand or quality. The competition on the open market is fierce and businesses need every advantage they can get to position themselves ahead of their competition. Using video to tell your story and present your USP is critical. Many brand are recognizing this and forming ongoing partnerships with video production companies and video content companies.

Marketing is a necessary evil that each financially successful business utilizes to increase sales. There is an ongoing debate whether or not marketing is a science. One thing is certain, without research it is impossible to create a viable marketing plan. There are four main principles of marketing, and they often refer to as the ‘Four P’s’:

  • Product
  • Place
  • Price
  • Promotion

Each of these principles is nearly useless when used separately, but once they are combined properly, they can do wonders for any given product. It is through a combination of science and art that the best marketing campaigns are created. Art simply embodies the findings of the research.

In order to create a successful marketing campaign you need to be open-minded, think outside of the box and be ready to take risks, because the best marketing solution is not always the most convenient one. If you are thinking of making a corporate video and want to use video content to increase your marketing awareness, here are a few techniques that our video production company can recommend to help you re-think your marketing strategy and consequently boost sales.

Define your customer

Who is the person you are offering your products to? How old are they? Are they male or female? Where do they live? How much money do they earn in a year? What do they like?

These are just a few questions that you need to answer when you are defining your customer. If you don’t know who your customer is, then you will be stumbling in the dark. No information about potential buyers of the products you are offering is redundant.

You need to know who your customers are before you start producing the product you would like to place on the market. If you create a product that simply doesn’t have a market, then it shouldn’t surprise you that the product doesn’t sell. Furthermore, if you know who your customers are, you will know what you shouldn’t offer them. It takes a lot effort to precisely define your target groups, but once you’ve managed to do that, the task of marketing your products will become much easier. Click here and find out more about how to define your ideal customer.

Make attractive offers

Even the richest among us like tempting offers. Everyone likes to get more by paying less. A skilled marketer will take advantage of this fact and make a profit on it. The trick is to set the right price for the target group you are offering the product to. The same applies to our video production company, we offer affordable video production because we know that a successful marketing campaign is based upon a constant stream of video content and not just one expensive video that tries to tick all the boxes.

Setting a high price can be a good strategy because most people believe that if something is expensive then it must be good. The truth is that price doesn’t guarantee quality, and if you choose to set a high price on your products it might be a good idea to meet the customers’ expectations.

Reducing price may indicate that the product’s quality isn’t too high, which is why you need to offer more quality at what seems more than a reasonable price. Offers that give more for less are a sure way to increase sales and attract a larger number of buyers. Follow this link and learn the secrets of setting the right price or click here if you want to learn more about creating offers your clients will love.

Use every advertising technique available

Advertising is a part of marketing that serves the purpose of presentation of the company’s products. Without it, most people wouldn’t know that some brands even exists. Investing in advertising campaigns is a long term investment that often pays off if it is done properly.

Posters, online videos, TV commercials, newspaper ads are just some of the available advertising techniques that will increase the visibility of your company and its products. The amount of money you invest in advertising doesn’t necessarily guarantee the commercial success. Sometimes the best ideas are the cheapest ones, especially with video content. As a video content company we know that the budgets are less much that tv advertising, but so are the restrictions and with that comes a new spectrum of creative potential. Being different, unique and memorable is more important than the sheer amount of money you spend.

A good ad will offer something more than just a simple presentation of a product. It will make people laugh, it will inspire them or make them think about a certain issue. Indifference is the greatest enemy to a good advertising campaign because it means that your potential customers will forget that they ever saw it. Follow this link and find out more about the most effective advertising techniques.

Appearance matters

We live in a fast-paced world in which no one has enough time. Time has become a scarce resource and people don’t give it away easily. Appearances have never been more important than today because the attention span of an average user of any product has been reduced almost to a minimum.

Every detail in the public image of your company needs to be carefully planned and adjusted to your target audience. You need to know what kind of image you want to project in the world. Are you aiming more towards a corporate visual outlook or you prefer a more laid back appearance. The difference is huge and it will attract completely different kinds of clients. Follow this link and learn how to improve your company’s public image.

Quality is the best recommendation you can get

Little can be done when a certain product is deemed as bad. Nobody wants to buy things or services that don’t meet their expectations and everyone wants to buy products that exceed expectations.

Certain brands like Mercedes or Nike are synonyms for quality and they have a long tradition of providing quality services to their clients. A low level of quality has a limited marketing potential because the user experience is negative.

Once the customers loose the trust in the products you are offering your business will collapse faster than the house of cards. If you have plans to build a name for yourself in a certain industry, never compromise the quality of your services or your products. Your company can survive pretty much anything, but being labeled as low-quality is difficult to survive for any business regardless of how big or well-known they are. Follow this link and learn more about the correlation between marketing and advertising.