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Letus Double Helix Gimbal and Exhauss Exoskeleton


We can’t wait to get our hands on this amazing piece of kit.┬áThe Letus Helix is a one, two, or three axis modular camera stabilizer system. It utilizes the optical center of the camera for both balance and image stabilzation. Originally designed to roll the camera on optical center, the Helix has evolved from a 1 axis auto-horizon system to a full blown, hand-held, 4 axis stabilizer.
The patent pending 4th Axis is one of a kind solution for the Letus Helix as well as any other exisiting stabelising systems on the market. It’s the cruise control feature in the operating of the Helix 3 axis system. It allows the operator to realistically utilize the high payload capability of the Helix system (16-20 lbs) without risking back or arm stress/injury to the operator. The incredible and unique 4th axis can either rest on a third pary balancing system such as our L’Aigle Steadicam arm/vest, with all 3 axes in function. When flipped over to the top, it can be attached to a handle to provide yet another handling point for a low angle shooting as well as top mounting option for jib or crane.