Drone Video & Photography

Great drone video & drone photography can add tremendous production value.

Drone video & drone photography it is a great solution for creating stunning video content and making the most of your production value. Making the most of the way your bring the location into the story is an obvious yet often overlooked step. Stunning aerial landscape photography shot at daybreak with the mist can provide a really filmic approach to a piece of video content. Shot design and lighting is key to the overall aesthetic of aerial photography. Shooting at midday with a top light casting drone shadows just doesn’t work very well! And in a similar approach to car photography the shots from the sky of the land just before sunrise is often the best way to provide stunning imagery.

Our drone operators are creative and fully licensed with the latest equipment. Drone photography is extremely well policed. You have to have all the correct paperwork and permissions in place.  Only when you are familiar with the rules and regulations can you then design your shots and shooting plan around those limitations.