Charity Video

Charity video has an important and often hard-hitting message.

This in turn allows for creative and dramatic storytelling. So we at Beast relish the opportunity of working on such creatively stimulating concepts and for such good causes. The other interesting aspect to charity videos is that they often have a low-fi look to them in order to enhance a sense of realism and at Beast we love to incorporate postproduction effects in order to enhance the visual impact.

For example when we produced a charity video for The Multiple Sclerosis Society we had to choose where to do the shoot, in a studio or in a real location. A real location was of course much cheaper but it meant that creating the special effects was much harder to do. We decided that we would create several in camera tricks and then supplement the overall effect of the earthquake with Computer Generated Image and Audio Effects. In the end we created something very realistic and impactful for a very tight budget.