Branded Content Video

At Beast video content production

Branded content video is a relatively new term that has popped up in the field of advertising and marketing in recent years.

As a London video production company that specializes in branded content we have noticed that branded content video is still a subject that can be unclear to many people and businesses. To put it simply, Branded Content video is a way of engaging with your audience without shoving your brand or your product in their faces. In today’s saturated digital world, audiences have become detached with traditional methods of ‘selling’ and are now a lot more demanding of brands, so much so, that a brand now is taken to heart by a customer and becomes more of a lifestyle choice.

Brands must, and have had to adapt to this by opening their hearts and doors and letting the customer in on a personal level.Brands have had to start sharing and engaging with the customer, giving them an ‘experience’ rather then just a sales pitch. At Beast video content production our backgrounds in both advertising and production has given us an across the platform edge to understanding the best approach to branded content video.

We are happy to work from an existing brief, or from a simple idea that needs building. We like to work closely with other agencies, offering our support and experience in order to get the best creative direction and execution for the project and budget. We are also happy to work closely with smaller companies and clients so we can get to know them intimately, and take a journey together with them that will ultimately deliver branded content video that reflects the Brand perfectly.