Brand Story Video

The Brand Story Video can be a great way of making that first step into online  marketing.

When a brand is making it’s very first steps into video marketing, the brand story video is often a good place to start. At Beast video content we base our approach on the insight that story telling has been around since the beginning of mankind – and is still as much a part of our lives and relationships today as it has ever been. Can you imagine a world without stories in it? If you take a moment to think about how many stories we each must hear in one day, its actually amazing. We share stories at work, down the pub, with our children. We listen to stories on the radio, on TV and we read stories nearly every day from our books or our kindle or the children’s bedtime story. We LOVE stories, and when stories are about our passion and our love, then they literally do make the world go round. This is why story telling and sharing is such an important part of connecting with people.

When it comes to connecting with our customer, you’ll almost certainly know that the consumer is a very different person today, than they were as little as 10 years ago; and they are continuing to evolve at a dramatic rate. They have become choosy and savvy in this saturated market place. They demand more from products, which many have become more of a lifestyle choice than ‘just a product’. Brands must now connect with their customers on an honest and personal level because the consumer is connecting with them as part of a lifestyle choice. The psychology is simple. If you share your time and truths with me, then I will share mine with you. Beast video content knows that the video format offers a fantastic opportunity for brands to do this. They can deliver a brand image and story, a tone and message in less than 10 seconds. Video can reach your customer faster and more precisely than any other medium.

Every brand has a story to tell, a starting point or an inspiration. Once the target market is identified, the brand story video can deliver that narrative to your customer very effectively and very quickly.