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First and foremost the best content is about inspiring people. The way we do that, is by finding great stories to tell. Barry & Art inspired us. So the logical thing to do, was to carry that inspiration to as many people as we could. Shot on location at T-street Beach San Clemente CA on a Red Epic, and a GoPro3, our Beast director shares his need to tell their story.

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I met Barry and Art about 15 years ago at T-Street Beach in San Clemente, California. I can’t remember a specific day but I was in high school at the time. First period was surfing, something my English work buddies laugh at! I remember showing up to the beach on cold, stormy morning and wanting nothing to do with the ocean. Barry and Art would be putting their wetsuits on and paddling out while us young guys were sitting in cars trying to get out of going in.

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The phrase “getting old” can often times have a negative connotation attached to it. As we age we all experience moments when we realize that our bodies aren’t quite what they once were. We get sick, injuries take longer to heal, we’re not as quick or flexible as when we were young, and every day the couch and tv look more and more inviting. The purpose of this film was to show people that how we age is as much a choice as it is a natural process. Hopefully Barry and Art inspire people to get old in a positive way.