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Video production company for luxury brands

Online marketing for luxury brands

Luxury brands need video content that feels luxurious. And to do this you need a video production company for luxury brands. Is there a difference between the way luxury and non-luxury brands market their products? Of course there is, we know there is. Simply displaying your products in a luxurious manner isn’t enough to sway the high-end shopper.


Market the experience

Luxury brands don’t just market their products, they market the experience. This makes their video content production a cut above the rest. Content marketing works for luxury, just as with their products or their stores, a huge amount of time is spent making the customer feel special. The viewer must feel like they are experiencing pure luxury and the highest quality imagery when they are watching your video content. That’s why it is important to choose a video production company for luxury brands, that has a proven track record of success.

Think about classical marketing, like magazines for example; there is a marked difference between a low-end magazine and a luxury magazine. You can clearly see and feel the difference between Tatler and Women’s Weekly. You can feel the difference when you hold it in your hands, you can see the difference between the images and the layout used. The luxury magazine has greater depth of colour and you feel special when you are turning the pages. This is how you want people to feel when they are viewing your digital content. You don’t want them to be simply watching it, you want them to be experiencing it.

Evoke memories

Luxury brands aren’t always after reeling in new customers either, often they are looking to retain current customers. Remember how you felt when you bought your first Rolex watch, your first Hermes bag or your first luxury holiday? This is how you want people to feel when they are viewing your brand video.

Remind people how it felt to hold your product in their hands for the first time. Encouraging your viewers to relive the experience, will re-kindle their romance with your brand. Allowing your audience to recall the emotions they felt when they first walked into your store will have them returning to your products time and again. Honing in on the positive emotions and reconnecting them with your brand story, will make your customers fall in love with you all over again. We know that ‘brand love’ is the best way to retain customers and ensure their loyalty to you.

In-store marketing

In-store marketing is something we are seeing more and more of from forward thinking content agencies, and it works. With the advent of superior in-store visual solutions, the customer experience knows no bounds. Videowalls now have near to non-existent bezel, so the viewing experience for the customer is now off the scale. A classic example of in-store marketing can be found in luxury jewellers. Whilst you are waiting to be seen, video is constantly displayed on screens showing you how luxury watches are made. You can see the workmanship and time that goes in to creating each individual piece. This reconnects your customers with how special your brand is and how important and valued they are to you. This a perfect example of luxury brands doing digital marketing right.

If a customer can see how it feels to own your products, they will be more inclined to do so. If they can see your beautiful new coat turning heads on a video in-store, they might just ask to try it on. Once it’s on and they know how good they feel in it, they are much more likely to make the purchase. If they experience what it is like to live life with your products and being part of your brand, they won’t want to turn back. The need to see the product they will purchase, being used in everyday life has been recognised, and it is being used brilliantly in digital content production. Tesla has an entire section of its site dedicated to stories from their customers. Being able to see that how they feel about the product is the view of others, psychologically ‘allows’ your potential customers to make the purchase. Luxury customers can be hesitant purchasers and providing social proof of your quality products might enable them to take the plunge. So let our video production company for luxury brands create a content package that works for your products and brand image.

Sharing of luxury content

As a rule, luxury content gets shared less. But don’t let this put you off, it still works. The reason it gets shared less is because less people can engage with it; as you well know, some people just can’t afford what you are offering. This doesn’t mean it has less impact on the people who view and share. Generally, people that engage with luxury brands don’t share as much content as those who engage with non-luxury brands.

Affluence seems to relate directly to the level of social media interaction – the more affluent you are, the less you post. So, just because your video doesn’t go viral, doesn’t mean it isn’t doing its job. And to be quite frank, do you want your video to go viral? Or do you want to maintain your opulence and be one of the elite? Viral videos are often amusing or crass, and you aren’t going to be using this sort of content in your video, so don’t put that pressure on yourself or your digital content agency. Luxury brands are still winning with content, as with all of your products, it needs to be carefully considered.

 Yet again, it all comes back to experience. You know your products are the best and you know people want to buy them. But it’s the experience you provide them that makes the difference here. More and more luxury brands are using video to engage with their customers. If there are 10 similarly luxurious products, what makes your brand stand out? Connect with your audience in a real way and you will reap the rewards.