Being truthful and compassionate leads to deeper meaning and true happiness.

Meaning & Happiness

What’s The Secret?

Do good things and be honest. Be open to new experiences and different ideas. Give people stories that are wholesome and emotive. Share your passion and your truths.

Making great content is all about collaboration. We turn on the light bulb glowing over your head and make it visible to others.

How can we help you?

Beast is a London content agency best known for it’s brilliant branded content and award winning team.

The Beast team has worked across the media board in advertising agency, branded content production, TV production, Commercial production, fashion video & fashion photography and all areas of design including animation and motion graphics. Our collective one stop shop approach allows us to offer a streamlined efficiency to branded content production in London and overseas too. Today everybody who has a website is capable of advertising their company, using branded content as the tool to get their story out there. What this means is that we all need a branded content agency.

Creative, Production, Post-production

Branded Content Agency

The landscape of the advertising industry has changed over recent years. And now a big London advertising agency, when dealing with low budget branded content, will struggle to keep up with the new wave of internet and social network marketing. However, these new marketing channels are becoming increasingly important because they are re-directing the way we the consumer respond to brand advertising. There’s no reason why a family owned, sausage company from Brighton, couldn’t have a Christmas advert that’s more effective and gets greater exposure than Marks & Spencer or John Lewis. This is an incredible statement considering the marketing budgets that these big brands wield, but it is true. Creativity is everything. Those big budgets are no longer the key; it’s the big idea that counts. Here is a great example of what you can do with a small budget but a big idea, fantastic copy writing and a client that is willing to take a risk and put his best foot forwards – ‪DollarShaveClub.com – Our Blades Are F***ing Great‬‬.
At Beast Video Content we see this as an incredible opportunity for everyone. Creating thrilling and captivating advertising campaigns using branded content, which will target your customers and strengthen your brand is not only attainable, but it’s what excites us the most. We conceive our creative strategy based on your marketing budget because were not just creative, we’re producers too. By producing and finalizing the whole package, our branded content agency has a greater ability to control the costs and deliver the best possible results in every situation. With Beast, not only do you get to the starting line, we also give you the coolest and best, technically designed trainers so you can win the race and look fantastic doing it. We thrive on the challenge and we like to be unpredictable. We always aim to deliver our best, to make your brand become the best.

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