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Adweek: Audi & Airbnb

Audi and Airbnb. Who would have thought it?

Those clever little rascals at Venables Bell & Partners of course. To us this signals a whole new era in collaborative marketing. It’s slick, it’s cool, and the timing is just perfect!

So, the two brands have teamed up to produce a promotion as part of Audi’s Emmy Awards sponsorship. You can win the chance to book a three day getaway at the luxury Rondolino Residence in Death Valley; a home so remote, it doesn’t even have an address, or neighbours…..or roads! And what’s the best way to explore somewhere so remote, and make the most of one of the flattest surfaces on the planet? Why an Audi R8 i think!!! Yes, with the winning three day getaway comes a new Audi R8 and it’s set of keys, all for you.

The video launched to advertise this promotion made by the brilliant MJZ director Craig Gillespie has captured imagination and lure with a sprinkle of humor on top in order to secure anyone with even the tiniest sense of adventure to want to put their name down for this draw. I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t want to rag a new Audi R8 across the Californian desert bypassing any chance of getting hit by the school run, traffic lights, or an M25 jam? Nope, here there are no restraints. The question is how far can you push the car! Its positively tantalizing.

I can only see a win win situation here with this collaboration. Air BNB have stretched the minds of those who use it, tempting people to look further, go beyond their usual ‘safe bet’ in a holiday home. And Audi have been able to park their car alongside and in front of these people who have a sense of adventure, want to be thrilled, and want to be different. An effortlessly cool effort i say. Both brands have come up trumps, and the video is just FUN to watch!