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Best Digital Marketing Blogs 2017

Best Digital Marketing Blogs 2017

Digital marketing is a relatively new field, which means that there is a lot to learn about it. Since there are very few people who can say with certainty that they are experts in this field, it is very important to constantly gather new information that will help you to develop a successful marketing strategy.

The best way a London video production company like ours can stay relevant is to to keep informed and to frequently read the blog posts that shed light on some of the industry’s hottest topics. Luckily, there are quite a few blogs out there that can help you to understand better what digital marketing is all about. Here are 10 blogs that will take you one step further in mastering the fine art of digital marketing.


Email marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing. Most of the professional correspondence happens through email, thus the way you compose your emails or handle the lists of subscribers can play a large role in reaching the projected targets.

Vero is probably one of the best blogs on the Internet that gives advice on how to increase the number of people who actually read the newsletters you send or how to make clients you contact through email feel more engaged in what you do. Follow this link and learn all there is to know about email marketing. Even a small sized UK video production company like ours which is constantly busy with small to mid sized projects can use this kind of platform to further strengthen our brand and not just to attract new business.

Social Media Explorer

If you really want to be successful in digital marketing, then knowing the latest social news is simply a must. Social Media Explorer is one of the largest blogs that provides daily updates on latest social media trends.

If you consider yourself a serious digital marketer, then Social Media Explorer is one of the blogs that should be on top of your list. It will give you insight into all the secrets of social media marketing. Follow this link, and start gathering valuable information.

Top Rank Marketing

Top Rank is a digital marketing firm, founded by Lee Odden and Susan Misukanis, that provides assistance to companies that want to increase sales or improve their visibility on the Internet. They also provide a lot of useful information on their website, free of charge.

Top Rank Marketing is one of the leading companies in the field that has helped establish countless brands online. If you seek advice or would just like to find out more about online marketing techniques, this is the place to go. Follow this link and find the information you need.

Convince And Convert

Social media marketing guidance is a valuable service for most companies that want to make their online presence felt. Convince and Convert is an elite place on the Internet where you can find information that will take your online marketing to an entirely new level.

Jae Baer is a famous marketer with tons of experience. He also runs this blog. Click here and find out what one of the most respected digital marketing experts has to offer. Chances are that you will get all the information you need at Convince and Convert.

Content Marketing Institute

Content isn’t King, it is a Kingdom. Without content, there would be no way to offer your products to the clients. Content management is one of the key factors of digital marketing. If you are in need of advice on how to manage the content you share online Content Marketing Institute is probably the best place you can go.

Their mission is to educate marketers and give them all the necessary information required for a successful business. You can find E-books, white papers, and other useful resources at Content Marketing Institue’s website.

If you don’t know who Neil Patel is, you don’t know enough about digital marketing. He’s the guy who knows all there is to know about this field, and the best part is that he believes in sharing his knowledge.

His blog has more than 100.000 visitors per month and the articles he shares are over 5.000 words long, which means that they contain tons of useful information. Check out, and you might find some of the answers to the issues that have been holding your business back.

The Sales Lion

What good is marketing, if the sales are low. Marcus Sheridan, a guy who runs ‘The Sales Lion’ and internet marketing guru might be just the right solution for you if you need to improve your sales. The best part is that you can ask a question and he will reply in the form of a blog post. Perfect, right? You get an extensive answer to a question that has been a nightmare for your marketing strategy. Click here and get all the answers that you need to boost the sales of your products.


Diversity is the word that describes Ecoconsultancy blog the best. They cover almost the entire spectrum of digital marketing. This a place where you can find practical advice on how to advertise online. You can find the best online marketing practices here, as well as more experimental trends that have not yet been fully proven in practice.

This blog offers advice that almost every business out there can use, regardless of the field they are working in. Follow this link and find out how to improve your online marketing.


Is data-driven marketing something you would like to know more about? If so, then KISSmetrics is the perfect place for you. This blog offers analytics and insights on just about every aspect of marketing. All of the opinions expressed on this blog are backed with a ton of facts. That’s what makes them different than countless blogs that try to do the same thing.

KISSmetrics is a blog that will help you to understand the traffic on your website better while providing you with all the right information. Click here and find out what have you been missing out on.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is an American entrepreneur, author, public speaker, marketing expert and a blogger among other things. He started his blog in 2002, which means that he has been around since the humble beginnings of digital marketing.

His short but effective articles are highly relevant for all marketing professionals who want to keep up with industry’s latest trends. You can follow his work at this link.

For more tips take a look at our other blog posts, as a reputable video production company London we are keen to share our knowledge and experteese, with clients and colleagues alike.